B. 1985

Barcelona based artist Okokume (b.1985), Laura Mas alter ego. From the early age of 8 years she went to an art academy in her hometown Mataró (Barcelona).

She represents a world full of girls in the form of spirits with turquoise skin, souls that defend us from all the bad things that surrounds the world. These little creatures levitate near or through humans without being seen to influence their decisions properly.

She considers herself part of the Lowbrow movement (Pop Surrealism) and has exhibited in galleries of cities around the world such as Los Angeles (USA), Berlin (Germany), Gold Coast (Australia), among many others.


Hong Kong
B. 1968

Eric So - 香港藝術家 、 Papamamason 的設計總監。 從設計學校畢業後, Eric 加入了廣告行達十年,期後成為以自由形式工作的創作人。由 1996 年開始舉辦多個個人展覽 < Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex >丶 < East Meets West > 丶< Sology >丶< Confusion >丶< Fa Yuen Kingdom > 等。

1999 年 Eric 舉辦了< The Art of Bruce Lee > 藝術展覽,是創作系列李小龍 Action Figure 第一人,奠定了他在玩具藝術界的地位,蜚聲國際;同時間開始以 < 蘇勳 > 名義與香港及海外好友合作不同project,如 Devilock丶 SSUR丶 Revolver丶 LMF丶 RMC等。

開始至今,他的作品在世界不同地方萌芽,曾合作國際品牌包括 Coca Cola丶 Disney丶 Toyota丶 Nike丶 Adidas丶 Meiji丶 Sony Music丶 Heineken丶 YG Entertainment丶 Medicom Toys 等。

而 Eric 獨特優默的創作風格,更吸引了不少名人紅星邀請,為他們創作出風格化的 “Artion Figure”;如 Big Bang丶 Michael Jordan丶 許冠傑丶 黃偉文丶 陳冠希丶 李燦琛丶 周杰倫丶 周迅等。

在公仔的創作以外,他同時涉獵不同創作,潮流服裝丶飾物丶 唱片包裝丶 舞台設計丶 朱古力食品等。


B. 1981

三巴 彫ひろ 1981年8月2日生まれ A型 秋田県出身。 刺青と浮世絵をこよなく愛している。 掌に彫ってある彫の字は、人生を彫りに捧げた証。

THREE TIDES TATTOO (スリータイズ タトゥー) ホームアーティスト

Mitomo Horihiro who is a well-known tattoo artist and he is specialize on the traditional Japanese “tebori” style method.

He is also one of the best modern artist do traditional style art (ukiyo-e style ) which is a traditional Japanese style that from the 17th to 19th centuries usually done as woodblock prints and paintings.

With his experience and amazing skills and technique, he create quite a few modern ukiyo-e style painting and drawing.



三巴屋 うきよゑもん

THREE TIDES TATTOO (スリータイズ タトゥー) ホームアーティスト

Osaka based Japanese artist , Ukiyoemon. He created an iconic series of works “Floating world picture of Salaryman”. Which is a record of life and experience.

Ukiyoemon have input the modern elements into traditional Ukiyoe format, mixed with culture and politics.



Hong Kong

Tak, Yeung Hok Tak was born in 1970 and grew up in Hong Kong. His debut personal graphic novel "How Blue was my Valley", was published in 2002, has received much applause and attention from the local and international comic scenes. His weekly comics section "The Psychic's fairy tales" had been collected and published in book format for 6 issues, so as his another 2 books of comic strip "Cool blooded theatre".

In recent years, he has kept exploring the world of pop arts, having his first solo exhibition at Hulahoop gallery of Hongkong at 2008. In 2013, he and Mel Stringer from Australia, were selected to exhibit their works at FOIL Gallery, at Kyoto, Japan. “Meltak show” was curated by Yoshitomo Nara. In March, 2016, his solo exhibition of paintings, aka “The harbour”, was held at Hong Kong Harbour City, thus formally shifting his comic career to painting.