Hong Kong | B.1983

Afa Annfa is the one of the emerging stars in the local art scene. Her works probe the complexities of human emotions and our connection with one another, capturing tensions between the human psyche and worldly materials.

Afa approaches painting with her visceral meditation and observation that evoke sentiments and feelings. Her practice recalls the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e and irregular comic, depicting figures that seem to be fictional in an atmospheric environment yet remain to be substantial and grounded.Through images adapted from popular culture, Afa creates narratives and a unique language to manifest her inner visions.

Afa was born in 1983 in Hong Kong. She earned a BA from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before becoming a full-time artist, she worked in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Hong Kong. She enjoyed a successful career as a commercial illustrator collaborating with international as well as local brands and musicians. In 2018, Afa was awarded the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award from the DFA Hong Kong Design Talent Award. She is also a founding member of Eaton Workshop. In 2020, Afa started to gain more momentum and recognition by participating in various charity auctions including the Extra Ordinary Exhibition with Karen Leung Foundation at Phillips, and the HKAGA fundraiser event at Christie’s.


Afa Annfa
Questers and the Tables

28 Nov- 30 Dec 2020
JPS Art Gallery (HONG KONG)
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong

Girl Power

24 Oct - 22 Nov 2020
JPS Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Here and Now

11 Sep - 4 Oct 2020
JPS Art Gallery (HONG KONG)
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong

The New Page

22 May - 7 Jun 2020
Online Art Show

Silent Art Tokyo

11 - 20 Mar 2020
Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Art Fair Tokyo 2020

19 - 22 Mar 2020
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo