United States | B. 1962

Barminski is an extraordinarily prolific and influential multimedia artist working across painting, interactive media, and graphic design. He is most known for his paper sculptures of everyday objects, approaching mundane objects such as shoes, spray cans and furniture in three-dimensional drawing-like sculptures.

His most recognisable work is Security Theater, a life-size interactive paper sculpture, served as the entrance to Banksy's apocalyptic dystopian theme park, Dismaland in 2015. The artist's paintings explore issues of consumerism and advertising, shedding a critical light in the modern consumer culture and the impact of mass media in one’s life. His mechanically animated two-mouth image of a happy consumer became part of the Hollywood skyline in 1998 for two years as a featured Absolut Vodka billboard series which had been exhibited for over two years. The neon billboard was Barminski’s manifestation of the absurdity of the modern mentality of “I buy, therefore I am”. The works of Barminski can be found at the groundbreaking street art exhibition space BEYOND THE STREETS in Los Angeles and New York.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Barminski attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a frequent contributor of satirical cartoons to the student newspaper. Barminski has worked with other cultural outlets, most notably as director for the music video of Baz Luhrmann's award-winning speaking piece "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" in 1999. The success of the video then led him to work with various artists including, Gnarls Barkley, Kid Cudi and Death Cab for Cutie. Besides the arts, Barminski is also a lecturer in the Department of Film and Television at UCLA, focusing on the research in digital projection mapping. The artist now lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Barminski 是一位多元化並具影響力的藝術家,擅於利用多種媒體進行創作,如繪畫,互動媒體和平面設計。他創作的紙板雕塑更令他聲名大噪。將日常生活中的物件,如各式各樣的鞋子、塗鴉噴罐和家具等,以立體繪畫的方式製作成雕塑,用他獨特的表達方式將平凡的物件重新塑造出來。

他最知名的作品是仿照實物比例的互動紙板雕塑《安全劇院》(Security Theater),裝置在班克斯(Banksy)於2015年的世界末日反烏托邦主題公園迪士馬樂園(Dismaland)的入口。藝術家的畫作探討了消費主義與廣告問題,評論大眾傳媒對一個人生活的影響,為現代消費文化和社會發展提供了重要的啟示。於1998年,Barminski 以機械動畫製作了一個雙嘴快樂消費者的作品,成為 Absolut Vodka 的其中一個廣告,該廣告牌更放置在荷里活的日落大道長達兩年多。這個廣告牌表達了他對現代「我買,故我在」的荒謬思想。Barminski的作品亦曾在洛杉磯和紐約的街頭藝術展覽空間"BEYOND THE STREETS" 中展出。

Barminski 出生於伊利諾伊州的芝加哥,曾就讀於德州大學奧斯汀分校。在學生時期,他是學生報紙的常駐作者,專門繪畫諷刺漫畫。Barminski 亦與其他文化機構合作,最著名的是擔任 Baz Luhrmann 於1999年的獲獎作品「 Everybody's Free(To Wear Sunscreen)」音樂錄影帶導演。錄像帶的成功驅使他與其他藝術家的合作,當中包括,Gnarls Barkley,Kid Cudi 和 Death Cab for Cutie 等。除了藝術外,Barminski 還是加州大學洛杉磯分校電影和電視系的講師,專注於數字投影製圖的研究。藝術家現於加利福尼亞州洛杉磯生活和工作。

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