Karla Pereira is a pop surrealist painter based in Zaragoza (Spain). Since she was little she felt intrigued by drawing, painting, singing, dance and all art in general. Her interest in art continued through the years and in 2012 she started studying towards a degree in History of Art at University of Valencia (Spain). During the last years of the degree, influenced by knowledge about the great masters of art history, she started self-taught oil painting.   

In 2017 she decided to start her professional career as an artist and she has already exhibited her work in several galleries in USA, France, Australia, UK, Japan... selling her paintings to collectors around the world. Karla's art is focused on reflect the beauty of other universe, an universe where powerful big eyed women are the main characters and where beautiful and precious creatures are exalted too, being the nature an important subject of her paintings. Essentially her work seeks through that beauty of surreal proportions, dreamlike atmospheres and a strong influence of art history, to escape from the horrors that the human being commits every day.

Silent Art Tokyo

11 - 20 Mar 2020
Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Art Fair Tokyo 2020

19 - 22 Mar 2019
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo