Hong Kong

Painter, illustrator and graphic designer Prodip Leung is one of the most versatile artists in Hong Kong. His experimental works span across mediums, cultures and philosophy, creating a compelling visual imaginary that is populated by mystical monsters, aliens and spiritual beings.

His artistic oeuvre is influenced by street culture and indie music, especially Brit rock bands like Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercury. His works are a marriage of the rebellious spirit and dark humour, using supernatural creatures to reflect on human lives and philosophies.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Prodip is the bassist of the legendary Cantonese hip hop group LMF also known as Lazy Mutha Fucka,He has been a critical figure in the Hong Kong underground arts since the 1980s. Before being involved in art and music, he studied in the Hong Kong School of Design and worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency and fashion company. Prodip started his visual art career in designing underground concert posters, flyers and CD covers, later working with international and local musicians.

Museum Belowground

19 Jun - 1 Aug 2021
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong