United Kingdom | B. 1968

Pure Evil, a.k.a. Charles Uzzell-Edwards is one of the most prominent names in the street art scene. Approaching popular and political subjects with a Warhol-esque Pop style and graffiti, the artist highlights the rebelliousness of the medium in a critical and satirical undertone.

Most well-known for his Nightmare series, the brilliant color depiction of famous celebrities with tears dripping down their faces are reminiscent of the American Pop while highlighting the sorrow absurdity of the past. The controversial figures in his works are the artist’s direct confrontation with politics and call for unjust prudence around the world. Working in his belief in “Principle before Profit,” Pure Evil is one of the most daring street artists who defy the rules in the art world and beyond.

Born in South Wales and was, by his own account, the only new romantic in the village. It was this love of urban street style that led him to do a fashion degree in London, which also marked the start of his creative journey. Uzzell-Edwards then relocated to San Francisco and worked as a fashion designer for streetwear brand Anarchic Adjustment. In 2007, the artist opened Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch, London. The gallery has been an incubator for emerging street artists from around the world as well as being the studio for his own artworks. Besides visual art, Pure Evil has also been involved in various music projects, most notably, a collaboration with famed electronic music producer and composer Pete Namlook. The artist now lives and works in London.

Pure Evil(英國), ⼜名Charles Uzzell-Edwards, 是街頭藝術界最著名的藝術家之⼀。他的演繹方式受安迪·華荷式的普普及塗鴉風格影響,作品富有諷刺及批判政治的意味。

最知名的《惡夢》系列作品,替色彩鮮豔的名人肖像沾上延綿的淚痕,令人不禁聯想到風光的普普藝術文化,背後也隱含著荒謬與悲傷。堅守「原則比利益重要」(Principle before Profit)的信念,沒有傳統藝術觀念的枷鎖,勇敢批評,因此作品往往惹來爭議。

出生於英國威爾斯,藝術家描述自己是家鄉唯一的「新浪漫主義者」。對街頭藝術的熱誠促使他在倫敦報讀時裝課程,同時為他的創作生涯奠定基礎。Uzzell-Edwards後來於三藩市為街頭品牌Anarchic Adjustment擔任服裝設計師。到2007年,於倫敦肖迪奇區創立Pure Evil Gallery 。該畫廊是藝術家本人的工作室,也是世界各地新晉藝術家的理想創作空間。除了繪畫藝術,Uzzell-Edwards亦熱衷於音樂創作,曾參與多項音樂工作,更與著名電子音樂製作人和作曲家 Pete Namlook 合作,展現他多才多藝之處。藝術家現於倫敦定居和工作。

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19 Jun - 1 Aug 2021
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong