Australia | B. 1991

Saki Chiara Hashimoto is an artist whose works are inspired by the themes: universe, beauty, love, light and smile. Her artworks invite the audience to be imaginative and embrace all the exciting beings our world and the Universe offers.

Saki Chiara’s interest in the wonders of the Universe began at a young age. The artist grew up by the sea of Shonan, Japan, where she was introduced to the life and wonders of the ocean, which extended to life beyond this earth. Her spiritual consciousness continued to develop after moving to Bondi Beach in Sydney in her early 20s, where she began her series “Beings of Universe”. She brings to our awareness the infinite variety of beings that exist all around us. Her works shed light on a place in our consciousness where different beings live inclusively, spreading messages of beauty, love and light. Her artworks are like a welcoming beam of light that warm people’s hearts and are met with much popularity.

Saki Chiara was born in Shonan, Japan, to an Italian-Australian father and a Japanese mother. Before becoming an artist, Saki undertook ten years of acting and singing training. She is currently based in Tokyo and Sydney.


Saki Chiara Hashimoto的畫作題材大多圍繞宇宙、美感、愛和光。她的作品非常正面,歌頒世界和宇宙賜予人類的恩典。

Saki成長於日本湘南海邊,自幼便對海洋和生命感到好奇,驚歎宇宙的奧妙。二十多歲時,她搬到澳洲邦代海灘生活,在那裏Saki的靈性受到更大啟迪,便開展了Beings of Universe系列畫作。她創作出很多友善的精靈和生物,讓牠們帶著親切的笑容探訪人間,營造出一個眾生和樂融融的世界,宣揚愛、團結與和平的訊息,以光明溫暖的風格融化觀眾的內心。

Saki Chiara出生於日本湘南。她的父親是意大利澳洲混血兒,母親是日本人。她在成為一名全職藝術家前曾以七年時間演戲唱歌,熟悉表演藝術和聲樂。她現時主要活躍於東京和悉尼。

Saki Chiara
Smile From The Universe

1 - 14 Oct 2021
JPS Art Store
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong

Ginza Six

8 - 10 May 2021
Ginza Six
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


24 Feb - 12 Mar 2021
Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong

Girl Power

24 Oct - 22 Nov 2020
JPS Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan