“Beings of Universe” ~we are here~

These smiles are always by your side. 
Anytime, anywhere, someone is always smiling at you. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a being by your side? 

They appear when you let go of the self and release your consciousness into the infinite universe. 
They smile in the light and say “we are here”.  

Even if you and I cannot see them, they are always smiling and existing, saying “we are here”. 

They pass through the trajectory of light in the universe, crossing various dimensions, and are here everywhere, anytime and anywhere.  

 “A lot can happen on a life on earth” they say as they help us turn everything into light, to see the light in everything. 

Close your eyes and smile gently…
You see, you can also be that “being” for somebody else beyond the dimensions. 
Yes, as we hold hands in the light existing as “beings of universe”.

We are here. 

Girl Power

24 Oct - 22 Nov 2020
JPS Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan