Arashi M : 昭和アラシ荘


Ecology Contemporary Art
Arashi M 個展「昭和アラシ荘」

1 August 2020 (5pm - 8pm)

Public open:
2 August - 20 September 2020 (11am - 7pm)

Venue :
JPS Area 36, 1-9-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6


Ecology Contemporary Art
Arashi M 個展「昭和アラシ荘」

環境保全と世界平和をテーマに創作活動を行うArashi Mが、自身初となる個展「昭和アラシ荘」を日本のJPS ART GALLERY AREA 36にて開催いたします。


会場では、作品を観るだけではなく、ヨーヨーつりや綿菓子など、夏祭りを楽しめるよう趣向を凝らしています。ウィズコロナの時代に、癒やされるArashi Mの世界へのショートトリップを体験してください。

Arashi M個展 『昭和アラシ荘』 @AREA 36
2020年8月1日[土] –9月中旬 11:00-19:00 入場無料
東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6 TEL 03-6812-9306

【 オープニングレセプション 8月1日[土] 17:00-20:00 参加無料 】

Ecology Contemporary Art
Scrap wood x CG x handcraft
Arashi M Solo Exhibition "Showa Arashi-so"

Arashi M, who is engaged in creative activities on the theme of environmental conservation and world peace, his first solo exhibition "Showa Arashiso" at JPS ART GALLERY / AREA 36 in Japan.

The show aims to recreate the good old Showa world that values things and friendship, using unique technique that combines scrap wood × CG × handcraft.

At the venue, we not only watch the works, but also enjoy the summer festival such as yo-yo fishing and cotton candy. Experience a soothing short trip to the world of Arashi M in the days “With Corona”.

Arashi M Solo Exhibition "Showa Arashi-so" at AREA36
Saturday, August 1, 2020 ‒ Mid-September 11:00-19:00 Free admission
1-9-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL 03-6812-9306

[Opening reception Saturday, August 1st 17:00-20:00 Free participation]
Free drinks & free food (shaved ice, cotton candy, small Japanese snack)




Born in Tokyo, Japan.After working as an art director at an animation production company, he open his own production company.Based on sketches that traveled in search of the original Japanese landscape that remains in various parts of Japan, handicraft 3CG works art with natural materials such as waste materials and plants.