Cope2 x Afa Annfa x Chino Lam : Time Travel


Cope2 x Afa Annfa x Chino Lam
Time Travel

Opening reception:
17 Mar 2021
18:00 - 21:00 (VIP)

Public Open:
18 Mar - 16 May 2021
11:00 - 19:00 Mon - Sat
11:00 - 17:00 Sun & holiday

Venue :
Belowground, Basement
15 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


JPS Art Gallery is delighted to present a crossover project titled “Time Travel” with BELOWGROUND featuring the works of two rising local artists, Afa Annfa, Chino Lam, and street art legend, Cope2. The show is presenting in tandem with the solo exhibition of Cope2, on view in the gallery’s location in LANDMARK, complimenting the oeuvre of the artist.

The exhibition is a celebration of street culture and its legacy. Inspired by the concept of the 1980s cinematic classic Somewhere in Time, where the main character travelled back in time with the right environment and mentality, the exhibition sets the scene for meditation, allowing the audience to travel back in time. The modern subway doors act as the portal of time that brings the audience back to the late 1980s, a golden age of street art in New York City, a time when Cope2 and his crew were bombing the streets and the subways of the city with their distinctive tags and graffiti.

The seven large-scale collaborative paintings and murals set in the station symbolize the unity of the two generations. The collaborative works feature the artists’ distinctive styles, incorporating Afa’s delicate artistic language and Chino’s signature character, Jiro, with the virtuoso graffiti ofCope2. With their contemporary expressions, Afa and Chino reimagine this epoch in history and view it in the light of today’s context. The shift in time and environment represents the rapid development of street art and the popularization of the subculture as well as its international influence. The exhibition also features Afa’s reinterpretation of the original movie poster Somewhere in Time in her signature figurative painting, echoing the narrative of the show.

The artistic oeuvres of Afa and Chino are influenced by popular and street culture. Their enigmatic cross medium and discipline works challenge the canonical art historical codes and conventions, pushing boundaries and reworking traditions, echoing the rebellious spirit and defiant attitude of street art. By bringing artists of the different generations in concert, the exhibition is a salutation to the pinnacle point of the graffiti boom while breathing new life into the art form.



United States | B. 1968

One of New York City’s most prolific graffiti artists, Cope2 is a self-taught celebrated legend who has been contributing over 35 years to graffiti and street-art culture. 

He began tagging his name in South Bronx since 1978, his distinctive and authentically raw style made him an ambassador of the New York City graffiti productions in the 1980s and 90s. He is best known for his large murals and paintings on the city’s subways lines. From the 2000s, Cope2 has turned his sights to the gallery setting, bringing his raw energy into abstract expressionist style masterpieces, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and tags on canvases. Today, Cope2 continues to make waves in crossing between the art world, mainstream and street culture.

Born 1968 as Fernando Carlo, Jr. in New York City, Cope2 began his career as a street artist with his cousin's influence. In 1982, he was active in the street scene as the founding member of artist group Kids Destroyer, later known as Kings Destroyer. The work of Cope2 has also been featured in various pop culture outlets, including the formative 1983 graffiti documentary, Style Wars, his tags are also included in the Grand Theft Auto IV videogames and feature films like Shrek the Third. He has also worked with numerous international brands for product design collaborations, including Adidas, Converse, Time Life and Footlocker to name but a few.

Cope2 是現今紐約最多產量的街頭塗鴉藝術家之一,這三十多年來在紐約街頭留下大量他的筆觸。

自一九七八年起,Cope2 在塗鴉文化發源地南布朗士的牆壁和鐵閘等地方簽名(tag)、寫泡泡字體(throw up)和繪畫(piece),他的作品風格率性狂野,使他成為八十、九十年代紐約街頭塗鴉鮮明的代表。他曾在紐約地下鐵路繪畫大型壁畫和塗鴉,成為他最為人熟悉的作品之一。由二零零零年起,Cope2 由街頭轉戰畫廊,把他塗鴉作品中具有標誌性的泡泡字體和簽名由牆壁轉移到畫布上,超越了塗鴉原本以牆壁為載體的語境,為藝術世界、主流文化和街頭文化帶來衝擊。

Cope2 生於一九六八年紐約,原名為 Fernando Carlo, Jr.。他在表親Chris的薰陶下開始創作塗鴉,其後在一九八二年成立畫家組織 Kids Destroyer,亦即後來的Kings Destroyer。Cope2 的作品在潮流文化中占有一席之地,曾被探討美國嘻哈文化的紀錄片《Style Wars 》收錄,亦在電子遊戲《Grand Theft Auto IV 》和電影《Shrek the Third》中出現。不少國際時尚品牌例如 Adidas、Converse、Time Life和Footlocker等也曾與Cope2 聯乘出品設計。

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Hong Kong | B.1983

Afa Annfa is one of the emerging stars in the local art scene. Her works probe the complexities of human emotions and our connection with one another, capturing tensions between the human psyche and worldly materials. 

Afa approaches painting with her visceral meditation and observation that evoke sentiments and feelings. Her practice recalls the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e and irregular comic, depicting figures that seem to be fictional in an atmospheric environment yet remain to be substantial and grounded.Through images adapted from popular culture, Afa creates narratives and a unique language to manifest her inner visions.

Afa was born in 1983 in Hong Kong. She earned a BA from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before becoming a full-time artist, she worked in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Hong Kong. She enjoyed a successful career as a commercial illustrator collaborating with international as well as local brands and musicians. In 2018, Afa was awarded the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award from the DFA Hong Kong Design Talent Award. In 2020, Afa started to gain more momentum and recognition by participating in various charity auctions including The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition with Karen Leung Foundation at Phillips, and the HKAGA fundraiser event at Christie’s. 

李思汝(Afa Annfa)是香港藝術界後起之秀,她擅於刻畫人類複雜細膩的情感和人際關係,捕捉個體心靈與世俗物質之間的角力。


Afa生於一九八三年香港。她從香港理⼯⼤學畢業並獲得⽂學⼠學位。畢業後,她曾以商業插畫家的身份在大型廣告公司工作,合作品牌和對象囊括本土及國際品牌和音樂家。二零一八年,Afa榮獲DFA香港⻘年設計才俊獎的創意智優⻘年設計才俊獎。 二零二零年,Afa積極參與慈善拍賣,包括與梁愷昍婦癌基⾦會於富藝斯協辦的「普通不過…展覽」以及香港畫廊協會於佳⼠得舉辦的籌款活動,反映她在藝術市場上越來越受到認可。


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Hong Kong | B.1978

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chino Lam rose to prominence in the 2010s as art of the new generation of local artists exploring the relationship between fine art and pop culture. Lam started his artistic journey in street art, he is one of the founders of the brand Mame Moyoshi hacho and once worked for the renowned Japanese toy brand Bandai.

In 2017 and 2018, he was awarded the "Oscar" in the toy industry, American Toy Award "Designer Toy Awards". Driven by his passion for sashimi and aquatic creatures, he created a series of original characters featuring sea animals with human attributes, including his signature character Jiro. When rendered with traditional mediums such as calligraphy and Ukiyo-e, these cute and monstrous creatures evoke a sense of mismatched aesthetic, emanating a distinct aura that reminisces with street culture spiced up with dark humour. Lam’s unique graphic style and fascinating imagination resonates with and captures the hearts of many and the popularity of his works in Asia rocketed within a short time frame.

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