Kila Cheung : Best Before


Kila Cheung
Best Before

Public Open:
23 Oct - 21 Nov 2021 (11am - 6pm)

Venue :
JPS Gallery (Tokyo), 1-9-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6


JPS Gallery is pleased to present Best Before, a solo exhibition of emerging Hong Kong artist Kila Cheung, on view at the gallery’s Tokyo location. The exhibition features a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures, many of which are showing for the first time in Japan.

Titled Best Before, the exhibition presents a series of works inspired by Kila’s current place in life and his exploration of existence as a human being, religious beliefs, space and distance. He says that he is now at a point in life where he is no longer a youth, but at the same time, not yet an adult.The presented series documents his current state of mind, as well as his peers, at this particular stage in life where he can still be bold and adventurous enough to try new things, but with an adult conscious mind that constantly reminds him to be sensible and not make any reckless decisions.



Hong Kong | B.1986

A painter and sculptor, Kila Cheung is one of the emerging stars of the local art scene. His unique artistic oeuvre manifested his value for childishness, curiosity, and the courage to think outside of the box and dream big.

In 2017, Kila started creating his acclaimed series of wooden sculptures when he left home for Japan to begin his internship. His colourful works are sentimental and reflective with a hint of youthful rebellion, finding resonance with young collectors across Asia.

Kila earned a degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was the winner of the esteemed Young Design Talent Award in 2016 and the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2019. Kila had also worked with numerous international brands to lend his artistic talents, including UNIQLO, IKEA, Kiehl’s, Cathay Pacific Airways and Prudential.

章柱基(Kila Cheung) 是香港藝術界的潛力新星,主要創作為繪畫和雕塑。Kila一直以別樹一格的藝術作品訴說他的價值觀——保持童真與好奇心、跳出固有框架和敢於做夢。


Kila畢業於香港理工大學,並分別於二零一六年及二零一九年獲得香港設計青年才俊獎和香港出版雙年獎。他曾與不少國際知名品牌聯乘合作,包括優衣庫 (UNIQLO)、宜家家居(IKEA)、科顏氏 (Kiehl’s)、國泰航空 (Cathay Pacific Airways) 及保誠香港 (Prudential)。