Momo Yama : Origin


Momo Yama

Opening reception :
15 Feb 2020 ( 5pm - 8pm )

Public open :
16 Feb - 9 Mar 2020 ( 11am - 7pm )

Venue :
Area 36, 1-9-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6


Japan | B.1941

Born in Shanghai in 1941, raised up in Kagoshima Japan. His actual name is SHUN.  At the age of 25, when he was working for a company, suddenly he began to immerse himself in painting while studying by himself.

After being restructured by a company that has worked for eight years, he aims to become a painter in earnest.

○SHUN Fashion Painting / Bar Tavern
When he became an independent painter, he drew fashion paintings for the magazine like "AnAn ELLE JAPON" because of his unique fashion sense.

 And the ceiling painting of Harujuku's buildings, the mural of the hair salon in Aoyama, and the menu of Tysco's menu in Roppongi.
Those work comes from state-of-the-art stores.

 Soon, he established his own style of selling urban bars and craft paintings.  Due to the nostalgic atmosphere of the work, it is also referred to as “modern LAUTREC ”, and as a “metropolis bleacher,” it becomes a person who knows at night taverns.
He started to draw the work of Tavern Series from this time.

 Raymond Ohara's 1992 ~
Cat wandering around the World Series 
 A major turning point came in 1992, when he turned 50.
In the TV program『誰かが彼女を愛してる』the hero acted by Miho Nakayama was in love with the work of artist called Raymond O’Hara. he drew paintings “Christmas in London “ as a Raymond Ohara, which appeared each time as a key visual.
In the limelight, he was in the spotlight. 

Later, Raymond was invited by famous art department stores nationwide, including the Seibu Department Store Art Gallery, to hold solo exhibitions.  The work of this time was called "Cats of the Wandering World", and many people who watched the tv program visited him and the paintings were sold out like few min.

 Raymond’s theme is the light and shadow of life, the world of work is rich in variety. He draws directly on the English newspaper, his bar “Tavern Series”. And he has a lot of fans of “Cats of the Wandering World Series”. At its roots are life and death, encounter and parting, happiness and sadness, kihi and sorrow, and a universal drama that can be said to be a microcosm of life.
 In the late 1990s, when the bubble economy heading to the end it brought depressed waves in the art industry, Momoyama was struggling with life he began to sell paintings on the streets of Omotesando.

 Momoyama Yushun  2006 ~
 After breaking away from a long-standing merchant, he began to create a new series, “Persona dolls in Urban City”, which is a very different series previous series. Over the next three years, he drew 28 pieces.

○Momoyama Setuna 2017~
Starting in 2017, he is working on a new production as “Legend of Harajuku”.