Okokume : The Arrival of Cosmic Girl


The Arrival Of Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl comes to our planet Earth from the hand of the Barcelona artist Okokume (Laura Mas, b.1985). An energetic spirit girl, with a big heart willing to do everything possible to help our planet return to be what it was in its day. For this Dino, a very charismatic lizard, will help her to communicate with the terrestrial children.

The spirit girl always makes long trips in space to help those who need it, and therefore lands in our land after observe a strange change of appearance in it. To recover all the radiance of our planet she will meet some magical beings that are the four elements of the Earth, composed of Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. Each of them will help Cosmic Girl with her powers to heal our place where we live.

The artist intends in this way to send a message to viewers to be more aware of the situation in which situation is our home now. To reach the younger audience, a total of 16 works have been illustrated to compose a book that has been written by the artist herself. In it, the magically story is told where all the magic of the four elements arises to make our planet look at its maximum magnificence.

As Okokume characterizes, for this exhibition, she has resumed all her works on different platforms, in which we can find works on wood or ceramics and you can also see a documentary about the artist's life and the process of how he has done all his works here presented.

We hope you enjoy the show, and let yourself be leave by your imagination into the magical cosmic world...


The Arrival of Cosmic Girl

8 Jun 2018 (Opening for VIP)
6pm - 10pm

9 Jun - 2 Jul 2018 (Public)
12noon - 10pm
Mon - Sun & Public Holiday

chi K11 art space
K11, Tsim Sha Tsu