Chino Lam : Decomposition. Impressions. Ukiyo-e


Chino Lam
Decomposition. Impressions. Ukiyo-e

Decomposition. Impressions. Ukiyo-e is an exhibition presented by JPS Gallery of works by Hong Kong artist Chino Lam.

Chino’s work often sees the artist breakdown and reassemble objects to make them his own. In the present Ukiyo-e themed work, Lam decomposes two of his favorite Ukiyo-e masterpieces and recombines them through his recollections of the art. The artist’s oeuvre has often included ink-splash effects driven by movement, power and emotion; and it is also this which inspired the present work The Impression of Great Wave.

Chino also produced a bronze sculpture inspired by another of his works Samurai Fish’s Emotion. The fish’s seemingly calm appearance marks a stark contrast against its inherent eagerness and anticipation to meet life’s every challenge.

Public open :
9 Sep - Nov 2019

Venue : Studio City, Cotai, Macau



Hong Kong | B.1978

Chino started his illustration works in the late 90s. In addition to studying Graffiti and street art, he undertook advertising graphic works. While working with a Japanese corporate BANDAI at 2007, he was exposed to toy design and illustration, as well as the world of Japanese calligraphy. He was fascinated by the typographic styles on sake packaging and started introducing brush-strokes in his advertising and illustration works.

Chino's works included a series of graphic design, sketches and advertising illustration in the theme of "sashimi freaks".

Chino is recently working on the project of Gangs of Mountains and Seas (山海gang) - to recreate the monsters and animals recorded in the ancient Chinese book "Classic of Mountains and Seas" from his peculiar perspective in his signature style. The monsters get even more monstrous!

With his own creations of various characters and toy series, Chino has won “Toy of the Year 2017” and “Artist of the Year 2018” at the Designer Toy Awards (which is dubbed the “Oscars of the Designer Toys Industry”).

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