Yeung Hok Tak : Fly, Dragonfly!


Yeung Hok Tak
Fly, Dragonfly!

"The most commonly used gadget that appears in the Doraemon series, タケコプター (Take-copter), is called "Bamboo Dragonfly" in Hong Kong, the characteristic of which has been vividly delineated in its name. I certainly wanted it when I was a child, so I could fly to anywhere at any time, especially during the tedious time spent in a classroom. The carefree youth time in the last years of the Showa era has long drifted away from the solar system. Yet, I still have not come across with a real-life Bamboo Dragonfly, nor an Anywhere Door (どこでもドア). Not to mention a buddy who would work out all problems for you just like Doraemon. In order not to let my childhood fantasies vanish completely and turn into a numb, ruthless old zombie, I have become an artist, splashing the remaining innocence left at the corner in this reality on the canvas.

I grew up influenced by the Japanese anime and idol cultures. Gundam and Doraemon; Matchy Cut and Seiko Cut, "ろっぽんぎじゅんじょうは" and "涙のリクエスト"; what a colourful era. From Heisei to Reiwa, I am fortunate enough to come to the birthplace of one of my cultures to hold a painting exhibition, and there is also a sense of warmth when you return to your hometown."


Hong Kong | B.1970

Yeung Hok Tak was born in 1970 and grew up in Hong Kong. In 2002, his first personal comic book "How Blue Was My Valley" was published, and it began to attract attention. He then started to create a comic column, "Pyschic's Fairy Tales" every week, which was eventually published as a six-book collection. His two other publications are Yonkoma manga named "Cool Blooded Theatre". In recent years, he has attempted to produce large-scale paintings. He held his first solo exhibition at the Hulahoop Gallery in Hong Kong in 2008. After that he participated in various group exhibitions and gained appreciation from Yoshitomo Nara in 2013. He was subsequently invited to showcase his work together with Mel Stringer, an Australian artist at FOIL Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. In March 2016, he held another large solo exhibition at the Harbour City Gallery in Hong Kong: The Harbour, and has since been fully devoted himself to painting.

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Opening reception :
2 Aug 2019 ( 6pm - 9pm )

Public open :
3 - 25 Aug 2019 ( 11am - 6pm )

* Close on every Monday

Venue : JPS Art Gallery (Japan)
1/F Blair House, 3-6-12 Takanawa,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan
Tel: 03-6450-2037

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