Arashi Masa
Summer Country Road

Media : Print and Acrylic paint on Japanese ‘washi’paper with vintage wooden frame
Size : 67 x 85cm
Dated 2020

少年時代の夏休みのカントリーロード。虫捕り網と虫かご、麦わら帽子。あの夏の私がそこには立っています。この道は、どこまで続 くのか…果てに何があるのか…。想像してわくわくしてしまうのです。地面と空の色のつくり方は
Country road during the summer of childhood. Insect nets, baskets and straw hats. I'm standing there that summer.
How far does this road go... What is at the end... Imagine and get excited. I was taught by Studio Ghibli's art director how to create the colors of the ground and sky.
This work reuses a wooden frame of “SHOJI”  from an old folk house in Yamanashi Prefecture. “SHOJI” is a wooden frame with Japanese paper attached, and it is used in front of windows or as a sliding door.

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