Arashi Masa
Offertory Box that Make Wish Come True

Media : Mixed media on vintage offertory box with build in acrylic hand finished print on canvas
Size : 60 x 27 x 34 cm
Dated 2020

昭和 9 年の吉日に千葉県の神社に奉納されたお賽銭箱です。
私はこの作品に 幸福な未来への祈りを込めました。

It is a offertory box dedicated to a shrine in Chiba Prefecture on 1945.
This offertory box containing many prayers hopes.
I felt that the scratches that came during people pray were very beautiful.
I put a prayer for a happy future in this work.
When you pull the drawer of the offertory box, you can see the scenery of fireworks, which is a Japanese summer tradition. Mickey drawn on the box also supports your dream, "OK!".

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