Arashi Masa
OMIKOSHI that Brings Happiness

Media : Mixed media on vintage portable shrine with acrylic hand finished print on canvas
Size : 120 x 87 x 50cm
Dated 2020

父親からクリスマスプレゼントでもらった大図鑑を見てから大好きになった、ウルトラマン。 空想の中で、私はいつもウルトラヒーロー だったのです。
飛んでいるウルトラマンは幼少時代に祖父が近所のおもちゃ屋さんで買ってくれたもので、 長い年月コレクションしていたものです。祖父と過ごした懐かしい日々の記憶が蘇ってきます。 

This is a “OMIKOSHI” for children, which was carried in the country during the Showa period. “OMIKOSHI” is a sacred vehicle for carrying God, and people walk to carry on to ask God for safety and happiness.
Ultraman, who I loved after seeing a large picture book that my father gave me as a Christmas present. In my fantasy, I was always an Ultra Hero.
The flying Ultraman was bought by my grandfather at a toy store in my neighborhood when I was a child, and I have been collecting it for many years. It revives the memories of my nostalgic days spent with my grandfather.

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