Arashi Masa
Countryside Landscape

Media : Mixed media on vintage window with acrylic hand finished print on canvas
Size : 41 x 31 cm
Dated 2020

縁側で食べたスイカ、地面に飛ばした種、うるさいほどのセミの声、夜にはヒキガエルの大合唱。 そんな、田舎のどこにでもある夏が私は大好 きです。田舎に無性に帰りたくなる感覚があるの は、私にとって、田舎の田園風景が心の中の故郷だからなのかもしれません。

Watermelons that ate on the porch, seeds that flew to the ground, a noisy cicada's voice, and a big toad chorus at night. I like summers everywhere in the countryside. Perhaps, for me, the reason why I feel like returning to the countryside is that my countryside is the hometown of my heart.

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