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Spain | B.1984

In his boldly coloured paintings, Okrabelo uses the contrasting elements in fine art and street art to incorporate the three-dimensional reality of everyday life into his dynamic works. Drawing inspiration from urban life, his subjects span from the latest fashion ‘it’ item to roadside wildflowers. With a background in street art, his works not only retain the visual elements and techniques of the genre, but he also brings the defiant spirit of graffiti to his studio works. His signature 'drip spray paint' motif brings a sense of eruption to the otherwise calm composition. The intense colouration of his canvas creates a vivid visual diversion from the stillness of the depicted subjects. The artist rebelliously questions the inherent beauty standard in the art history canon.

Okrabelo was born in 1984 in Barcelona. He graduated from Escola del Treball de Barcelona and worked as a graphic designer while developing a career as a street artist. He now lives and shares a studio with his partner, artist Okokume also known as Laura Mas Hernandez in Barcelona.