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France | B.1989

Annabel Faustin’s work reads like a modern tale. Through the travels of these women on islands and mountains, the artist imagines a new Eden in which human beings and nature live in total harmony. Fascinated by the delicate chiaroscuro of Georges de la Tour and the shimmering colours of the fauvist painters with whom she shares the same fascination for the incandescent landscapes of the South of France. Her creation is a world without temporality where one seems to live eternally in a moment of wonder suspended in time. The vibrant shades of blue and orange allow viewers to immerse themselves in this mystical universe further.

Annabel Faustin was born in Toulon in the South of France, in 1989. After graduating from the École Estienne in 2013, Annabel has been working as a designer for luxury brands for several years. Feeling out of place in this fast-paced environment, she felt the need to create a calm space and began to paint sleeping characters. Since then, she has noticed the positive impact that her paintings had on herself and the people around her. Her work continues evolving like a long, colourful, joyful dream. She hopes that her paintings demonstrating the graceful relationship between nature and female figures will encourage viewers to spend more time staring at the sky rather than their smartphones. Annabel is now represented by Galerie Zberro in Paris.


Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned