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South Korea

Cheon yugyeong paints figures with inherent anxiety. The figures in her paintings are lonely beings with anxious eyes. In some of her works, dogs and cats appear. It seems that anxious humans find solace in animals. What the figures have in common is a serious expression of thoughtfulness, a look of anxiety, and an expressionless, blunt seriousness. I imagine them to be between the ages of 16 and 25, living in Northern Europe. If they had souls, they would be contemplating their existence in a square canvas. Just like our existence as we live and die in the confines of time and space. The figures in the work are composed of very small eyes, blunt noses with contrasting colors, tightly pressed lips, and no eyebrows to express seriousness. The title of the work uses the words garden and forest. The artist seems to be letting the main character rest in the forest he has created. The forest is a representation of the artist's own inner world, and the figure is the artist's self who recognizes his anxiety. The background behind the figure is simple and bold, and the use of light pastel colors draws attention to the figure's expression.