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Gabriel Moreau who goes by the artist name of Gab More is a multidisciplinary artist and painter interested in investigating the aesthetically, iconographical and sociological influences contemporary post-internet culture holds on his perception of the human condition. Through his creative process, More crosses the line between digital and tangible, back and forth, until the resulting works sit in purgatory between the two as non longer belonging to either.

Born in Trois-Rivières, Canada, More moved to Montreal in 2018 to pursue his career and studies, graduating with honours from Concordia University as a Studio Arts major. During his last undergraduate semester, More received the Godro Prize for Emerging Artists during the 2021 Cultural Grand Prizes of Trois-Rivières. Since the beginning of his studies and career in 2018, More has exhibited in 16 group shows across 12 institutions worldwide and is now presenting his first solo exhibition The Skies Have Eyes for Knives at JPS Gallery in Tokyo.