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Italy | B.1989

Gianluca Crudele (born 1989), often under the pseudonym of Barlo, is an Italian painter and designer based in Hong Kong. Having been drawing since childhood, he started painting on walls at the age of fifteen, and later extended his creative exploration by studying design in Milan and Nottingham. After a brief period in London, he moved to Hong Kong where the art scene and energy of the city injected new vitality into his artworks.

While continuing creating murals on the streets, he has approached canvases with a contemplative manner, influenced by a vast spectrum of cultural references including metaphysics, magic realism and Taoism. Stylistically, he carries on the legacy of modern Italian painters such as Giorgio De Chirico, Gino de Dominicis and Lorenzo Bonechi by organically incorporating the essence of antique artistic references resulting in a modernized and inclusive artistic expression. The unique architectural presence of his figures and objects is often charged with a sense of wonder, nostalgia and serenity, forming a contemplative commentary upon the contemporary human condition and social reality we live in.