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Japan | B.1975

Known for his handmade needle felt doll Green Cow Garden (2013) series, Kohei Ogawa is a versatile artist who brings his endearing characters and their world to his paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Ogawa observes the beautiful elements in everyday life and takes inspiration from the seemingly mundane. When he created the popular Green Cow Garden series in 2013, he chose needle-felted wool as the primary creative material because the palm-sized works make people feel warm when they hold it in their hands. Since 2015, he began to work with How2work and launched the Naughty Boy series. Similar to his preferred material, Ogawa’s works bring a sense of warmth and treacly sentiment to the audience.

Born in 1975, Ogawa graduated from the Asagaya College of Art, Tokyo in 1997. After graduation, he worked as a freelance illustrator to create illustrations for advertising companies, publishers and TV programmes. He is best known to art and toy collectors for his BG Bear character.