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Netherlands | B.1957

Rene Rietmeyer engages Minimalism and Abstraction with his distinctive works that re-examine tensions between mentalistic objectives and expressionistic emotions. Departing from the conviction that even a minimalist approach cannot produce a completely depersonalised “objective” work of art free of emotion, Rietmeyer dedicates himself to the task of making visible the subjectivity of cities and landscapes. This comes about with the purely abstract formal means of colour, form, material, surface structure, composition and installation. Although he works with various materials, such as concrete, metal, glass, silicone and glue, oil paint remains his preferred medium.

Rietmeyer always creates works related to a person or a country. His works can be seen as portraits of a person and often portraits of a region, a city, or a specific location. The artworks are always made in the very place it refers to, only then the maximum influence of that location can be transferred by the artist onto the work itself.

Rietmeyer earned a Psychology degree in Innsbruck, Austria. Upon graduation, he acted as a founding director of a private art academy in Greece. Since 1994, he switched his attention to being a full-time artist and has had numerous travels and extended stays in Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, The Netherlands and the US, among other places. He is also the initiator of the Personal Structures project, a worldwide respected artists project that works on the subject of Time-Space-Existence, which was first launched in 2003.