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Spain | B.1979

Roger Coll brings a vanguard approach to the application of ceramic, rethinking the material beyond its traditional use, transporting a layer of complexity in his sculptures.

Coll’s works explore the possibilities of the scale, texture, colour and ceramic sculptures, revamping the ceramics potential in spatial design and a three-dimensional display. His works are often in highly saturated and decorative colours, combing with the modernistic geometric design, his works recall the minimalist Bauhaus style.

Coll studied Technical Architecture at the ETSA University La Salle Barcelona, Sculpture at the EASD Llotja, Barcelona and Ceramics at the Forma School, Barcelona. After graduation, Coll spent several years working in an architecture studio in Barcelona. He established his first ceramic studio and workshop in Barcelona in 2009. In 2014, he moved to Vic, where he now lives and works.


Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned