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South Korea

The objects that accompany us every day have their own memories and meanings.
By placing objects on the screen with short comments, artist Shin Hyungseok
to celebrate the memories and meanings of each object, regardless of their role. From the time an object comes into someone's possession, it is imbued with its own unique meaning and memories.
Rather than reminding the viewer of the general function or use of the object, the works rekindle more personal and perhaps forgotten memories or memories.
In this exhibition, objects are the main materials.
I want to express the chain of memories, memories, and meanings that they give.

My work reflects the trivial and personal things I experience in my daily life, such as nature, movies, TV shows, celebrities, sports, and meaningless thoughts. I take notes on things that catch my attention in my daily life and develop them into artworks through a process of exaggeration and distortion. Capturing moments in everyday life and adding meaning to them is the most enjoyable way to escape from the ever-repeating and sometimes boring reality.

-artist's note-