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China | B.1980

Sun Xue merges abstraction and representation in her sculptures, developing a distinctive visual language through the manipulation of shapes, patterns and the fluent articulation of colours.

Academically trained in oil paintings, her experimentation with sculptures and watercolours only started when she moved to France. Sun’s works shuttles between figurations and abstractions, weaving together the sensibility of traditional oil paintings with the possibilities of sculptures. This quality of the sculptor’s routine is profoundly influential and a cornerstone of her art-making approach. She dedicates her works to the beauty of colour, geometry, form, and dream-like fantasy of the imaginary, inviting the viewers to experience new sensual imagery.

Sun was born and raised in Shandong, China, in 1980. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Shandong College of Arts in 2003. Upon graduation, Sun moved to France and attained the renowned Beaux-Arts de Paris. She began to practice in ceramic since 2005 and has not shifted her focus ever since. Sun’s works have been exhibited widely in France, where she currently lives and works.