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Hong Kong | B.1996

Enthused in the language of portraiture, Teddy Leung’s background in photography trained him to be a mindful observer and fuelled his fondness for capturing inner experiences from his everyday life in minute details.

Since shifting his focus from photography to painting, Teddy describes himself as an artist who immortalises feelings. Taking inspiration from his own life and those around him, expressive paintings allow him to visualise the conglomeration of his multi-sensory and psychological experiences. His interpretation and insight on cross-media content are also heavily involved in his creative process and artistic language, resulting in a fusion of various conceptual ideas many have yet to see.

Born and raised in Hong Kong in 1996. Teddy is currently working for JPS Gallery while pursuing a BA in Fine Art in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). His background as a painter, photographer, gallerist and freelance content creator has made him one of today’s more versatile artists.