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16 Dec 2023


14 Jan 2024

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the person you always aspired to be as a child? Are your eyes still full of wonder and able to find magic in everything? The highly anticipated exhibition titled ALMA by promising British artist Natan Heber will transport you to a world that transcends time and knows no bounds, allowing us to reconnect with the sense of wonder and limitless imagination we once had as children.

ALMA, named after the Latin word for “soul,” pays homage to the beauty of innocence, the thrill of the unknown, and the infinite possibilities that could unfold when observing the world with fresh eyes. Through the masterful strokes of the artist’s brush, his paintings are where characters meet in visual fragments of transitioning worlds. Unlike us, the characters are not bound by societal norms and conventions dictating what they should consume, read, wear, or aspire to. Heber’s paintings encourage us to imagine how different our lives could be if we broke free from the constraints of societal expectations and ask ourselves, what is preventing us from seeing the world with a sense of wonder like we used to?

Looking back on his childhood, Heber recalls how his vivid imagination would transform street puddles into mighty rivers, trees became exhilarating playgrounds, and mounds of sand turned into a desert with no end. His room extended beyond its physical confines and developed into an expansive universe replete with planets, nebulae, secret compartments, and diverse environments shaped by his endless imagination. Those whimsical worlds, devoid of time and space, were rich with exploration and discovery. Heber seeks to encapsulate aspects of this idyllic past in ALMA, serving as a reflection of that beguiling epoch.

Experience firsthand the captivating power of Heber’s paintings by taking your first steps towards unravelling the mysteries of this alternate reality with childlike wonder. We hope to celebrate the universal essence of childhood with this exhibition and inspire the rediscovery of our roots, where the human spirit realises its fullest potential.

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