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Lost .Singularity

1 Dec 2018


27 Dec 2018

People’s fear of the future stems from uncertainty about it. In the foreseeable future, AI will occupy a vast majority of our daily lives in many different ways, opening up new fields that have never been developed in human history. In this epoch-making path we are following, does it lead us to prosperity or destruction? Or do we discover the ultimate “singularity” that will end the whole era when losing ourselves to life?

When we dream of solving aversive jobs being dealt with AI; when we turn ourselves into a professional photographer in seconds with the use of high-end digital cameras; when our daily emotions are portraited through posting on social media, our life style is changing silently. Gradually, there are not many expressions on our faces, our words become monotonous, and we talk less and less because less is happening. Devices are doing everything for us and who'd notice if something we are used to no longer exists in our lives…

The work explores the present society from an artistic perspective. People are giving up on the real connection between human beings. Instead, short texts and emojis sent from laptops and mobile phones have become the most predominant communication method in the society. As if everything had been digitised; as if 'love' could be quantified with a number between 1 and 10, what do the hatefulness and disappointment represent between 7 and 8? Can eye contacts and emotions within a conversation ever be wiped off? Can a picture really symbolise your feelings at a particular moment? Does the noise coming from the deepest part of your heart bear no value? When all mankind pursues Internet speed in this world dominated by technology, we are at the same time slowly losing some of our greatest resources in the history. When people and things are formatted and dataized, compassion and passion are just 0 in the binary code.

The work also tries to express tangible concepts with abstraction, pushing down the stereoscopic lines and shapes formed in our minds. Is it a pile of disordered waste paper what the audience sees? Or is it the intersection between human spirit and desire? Every colour we draw in our lives and every convergence of two paths we make could be dramatic or unexpected, just like a confusing storyline written with the brightest yet surprising colours. “No existence" and "existence" coexist; the ordinary "point" exists along with the "singularity" that triggers the beginning of a new era; and hope remains forever…


Y's Art Gallery


Tokyo, Japan
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