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29 Jun 2024


21 Jul 2024

JPS Gallery is pleased to present Saó, an exceptional solo exhibition of recent works by the esteemed Spanish artist Okokume, at the gallery's Tokyo location. Following the resounding success of the artist's last solo exhibition in Paris, Okokume reaffirms her artistic vision by baring her soul once again but with a newfound sense of acceptance, resilience, and optimism, marking a momentous juncture in her personal and professional journey.

Artist's Journey to Healing and Growth

Following the artist's last solo exhibition in the capital of art, Okokume embarked on a courageous journey of emotional and creative evolution. Through therapy and artistic expression, she fearlessly confronted her inner demons, embraced the power of acceptance and gained a profound and enlightened awareness of the present. This transformative process has culminated in the creation of a remarkable body of work that not only reflects her personal growth but also resonates with universal themes of resilience and self-discovery.

The Meaning of "Saó"

The exhibition takes its name from the old Catalan word "Saó," signifying maturity, perfection, and the essence of opportune moments. It also represents the nurturing moisture of the earth, vital for bearing fruit, as well as the cyclical nature of the four seasons. The concept of "Saó" serves as a poignant thematic framework for the artist's introspective exploration and the celebration of life's meaningful moments. Through her art, the artist warmly invites viewers to embark on a personal journey of self-reflection and contemplation, urging them to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary and to embrace the transformative power of acceptance.

Artworks That Tell a Story

The exhibition features a mesmerising triptych with a unifying motif - the paper boat – which symbolises life's journey, prompting viewers to reflect on experiences and embrace the ebbs and flows of life. Each brushstroke and colour choice in the triptych carries the artist's emotions and experiences, creating a visual narrative that profoundly resonates with viewers. Moreover, the works "Granotes" (Frogs) and "Días de Verano" (Summer Days) evoke the artist's cherished family memories by the river, capturing the innocence and joy of summer days spent with loved ones. Through these artworks, the artist invites viewers to reconnect with their memories and experiences, reminding them of the importance of cherishing and celebrating the moments that shape their lives.

A Message of Acceptance and Resilience

At the heart of the exhibition lies a profound message of acceptance, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness. Okokume aims to inspire viewers to value their fears as catalysts for growth, and find true happiness by living in the present moment. By releasing the burdens of the past and embracing moments of anxiety, the artist hopes to empower viewers to find solace, strength, and beauty in accepting their individual journeys.


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