Smile From The Universe

1 Oct 2021


14 Oct 2021

When I let go of myself and release my consciousness into the distant Universe, I feel the presence of these invisible beings. Their images and came to me as the golden light enveloping my entire body. They are always smiling at me in the light, beyond space and time, saying “We are here.” A smile has the power to change everything into the light. I entrust myself to that energy as my hand traces the shapes of these invisible beings.

I was born in Japan to an Italian-Australian father and a Japanese mother. My works are inspired by the themes: Universe, beauty, love, light and smile.

Every time we look up at the night sky, I wonder why at that moment, we could forget about all the complexities of life and instead feel something new and nostalgic. As if we get drawn into the blink of the stars, overcome by the light and memory, purifying our mind in this process.

In this vast Universe, there must be a constellation of stars and beings beyond our imagination, just like on this earth. Through art, I am transcending time and space, conveying their thoughts and lives.

Here we are on this earth, where hope, light, harmony, happiness, isolation, destruction and conflicts intersect. I would like you always to hold the Universe in your heart. And you will feel the power of this one light.

Feel the miracle that is to exist in this so-called infinite and incomprehensible Universe. Endless possibilities and light are always with you.

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