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Hong Kong | B.1990

The varying scale and tactile nature of Jeremy Fung’s works invite viewers into his world rather than assuming the role of an outsider. Constantly experimenting with new mediums and exploring complex themes such as existence and family, he believes that the dialogue between personal and social knowledge happens through the different coequal forms of grasping and transformation. Fung is observant, critical, and constantly taking inspiration from daily life. His creations are the result of self-examination as well as a way of understanding himself. He believes that his direction in life can be guided by self-confrontation, like Heidegger once said, “There is no absolute distance between our lives and us. We are our life, and the lucidity of our life is the nature of it.”

He has exhibited in many local group and solo exhibitions in recent years. Solo shows include Fibrillation 2023 in SC Gallery;「物有所思」in the Gallery by the Harbour in 2021; Fung Mang Chung Solo Exhibition in the Kong Art Space in 2016. Group exhibitions include a duo exhibition, The Abnormal State in SC Gallery, 2022; DOOR by the SHOPHOUSE in 2021, an artist residency followed by a joint exhibition; the +1 alumni exhibition by the Hong Kong Art School in Pao Galleries in 2021. Fung’s works are collected by private collectors and corporates, such as Sun Hung Kai properties.

He graduated from the Art Faculty at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and later received his MA (Fine Art) degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. He is also the winner of the 2014 Australia China Arts Foundation Award.