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Inhale Courage

13 Jul 2023


5 Aug 2023

In the 1990s, it seemed that the news that accompanied people’s growth was mostly positive: China’s economy grew rapidly through reform and opening-up; the former Soviet Union dissolved; Ukrainians voted for independence; Germany was unified as one country; democracy spread in Eastern Europe. How about Hong Kong? We were told in 1997 that our lifestyles would not change for 50 years, “horse racing and dancing” would continue for the following years.

Missing those years.

The good times did not continue. History has taken a barbaric turn, and in addition to this, there is the sudden outbreak of a century-old epidemic taking countless precious lives. Why did the hope of the 1990s not continue into the 21st century and what has made the 21st century so dark, regressive, and dangerous?

Despite the uncertainty and chaos, it is fortunate that there are still people who are brave, wise, kind, and willing to love and resist. They are like little stars in the darkness, leading the way for the lost.

This duo exhibition, Inhale Courage brings two Hong Kong artists Sharon Cheung and Jeremy Fung to the eyes of the world. The two Hong Kong artists want to pay tribute to leaders from different parts of the world and different fields who have contributed to human civilisation, peace and freedom.

Sharon Cheung excels at portraiture. Portrait painting has always been an important position in art history. The face is an important part of receiving and sending messages, and human expression can provide many clues about the work, including the artist’s intended emotions and ideas, the relationships between the characters, and even the atmosphere of the era in which the artist lived.

Jeremy Fung is known for carving on wooden boards to create a natural layering effect revealed through the sharp edges and wood grain interweaving between coarse and delicate lines. This interplay of lines creates a very attractive and intricate image that draws the artist in. He uses abstract forms to depict his emotions and memories on the wooden boards, creating his unique personal emotional diary.

This duo exhibition is going to feature twenty portrait paintings created by the two artists using woodcut and oil painting techniques, documenting their emotional changes. They intentionally distorted their faces, destroying their original structure and chose not to fully present the characters’ faces, to express the fear of being unable to speak out in today’s society and on topics that cannot be said directly.

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