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j / Pezzi di Noia, L'Illusione della Felicità - Pieces of Boredom - The Deception of Joy

6 Apr 2024


4 May 2024

It is no secret that life is a constant balancing act of emotions, decisions and responsibilities. But how often do we get to see, touch and study this precarious equilibrium captured in a technical yet aesthetically pleasing manner? Italian multidisciplinary artist Michele Motiscause does just that in his first solo exhibition in Japan, titled “Pezzi di Noia, L’Illusione della Felicità - Pieces of Boredom - The Deception of Joy”, presented at JPS Gallery Tokyo.

Motiscause is a celebrated contemporary artist whose work has garnered international acclaim for its profound emotional resonance and aesthetic allure. His unique ability to encapsulate the ephemeral nature of emotions and ancestral echoes has established him as a luminary in the contemporary art scene. Motiscause’s latest collection is an introspective exploration of the artist’s pursuit of equilibrium and authenticity in the face of life’s intricacies and challenges.

This exhibition will showcase a diverse collection of original sculptures, wood and paperworks from four distinct series, each intricately linked by a common conceptual thread—the complexity of living. The faces disfigured by geometric blocks in the series of drawings, ‘This is Not Love’, represent the limitations and conflicts of the human being. The ironic and cynical fragments of the characters in the series ‘Scarab’Occhi (Scribbles)’ evoke our internal dichotomies and the hypocritical masks we wear inside. ‘Blocchi Mentali (Mental Blocks)’ captures the thoughts that exist between the light and shadows in the never-ending quest for authenticity and beauty. The series ‘Pezzi di Noia, L’Illusione della Felicità (Pieces of Boredom - The Deception of Joy)’ depicts a balancing act understood as a metaphor for both the life of the artist and all of us. It stands for the ability to disentangle and manoeuvre ourselves, which comes precisely from the imperfection of life, the fleetingness of a moment, and the boredom and harshness of everyday life.

Within the array of figures, fragmented characters, and captivating views of sunrises and sunsets, each symbolising the perpetual quest for balance and authenticity inherent to the human experience, Motiscause invites viewers to embark on a metaphorical tightrope walk that defines not only the artist’s life but the shared human experience. The exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of our collective ability to navigate the complexities of existence, finding beauty and authenticity amidst the mundane and the transient. Motiscause’s works encourage viewers to embrace the imperfections and fleeting moments that make up the fabric of life, urging them to find meaning and joy in the everyday.

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JPS Gallery


Tokyo, Japan
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