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The Speagle’s

3 May 2024


1 Jun 2024

When you think of ‘family’, what comes to mind? Perhaps it is the gingerbread house your family built last Christmas or the comforting embrace of your spouse after a long day at work.American artist Paul Hunter Speagle is set to make a triumphant return to Hong Kong with a new solo exhibition titled The Speagle’s. This unique showcase invites you to enter the artist’s home and meet his endearing family. In a refreshing departure from the ‘perfect family’ facade we often see, Speagle presents a realistic and unfiltered portrayal of the daily encounters within his home.These are experiences that many of us can relate to yet purposely keep hidden from the public eye. Whether it is family disputes or the rising pile of kitchen table bills, this exhibition serves as a beacon of truth and clarity in a world of idealised depictions of family life.

The exhibition unfolds in three stages, each a pivotal phase in the artist’s journey to bringing this unique experience to life. Inspired by his wife’s advice to “paint your life and us,” visitors will first step foot in a room adorned with trinkets of love and objects that hold special meaning to the Speagle family. The next room will be the artist’s studio, a space where visitors can witness how Speagle’s creations not only encapsulate the memories he shares with his family but serve as a means for him to navigate life’s complexities in his pursuit of self-growth, a journey that we all can learn from and be inspired by.

The final room will feature the artist’s personal home videos and newly painted large-scale paintings, including one that spans over eight meters wide, a monumental piece that stands as the largest painting the gallery has ever exhibited. These large-scale paintings beautifully capture the multifaceted nature of life, from moments of pure joy to trials and tribulations. They serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between public facade and private authenticity in family life. Through his art, Speagle invites viewers to cherish family bonds and embrace the hope for brighter moments, even in the face of adversity.

Throughout his career, Speagle’s creations have always been a reflection of his unending pursuit of growth, both in his craft and as an individual in society. By examining his relationship with the world around him, be it religion, politics, or family, every inch of every painting in this exhibition serves as an honest window into the Speagle family’s daily life. These relatable moments between family members, from intriguing conversations with their daughter to moments of passion between husband and wife, these paintings are a canvas of introspection, personal catharsis, and a testament to the artist’s effort to become a better parent.While there is no definitive guidebook on how to be the perfect parent, husband, or artist, Speagle hopes this exhibition will shed light on the challenges and provide solutions to fellow travellers on the winding road of parenthood. So, take a seat in the Speagle’s home, and you might learn a few family traditions you will want to introduce to your own home.

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