19 May 2021


23 May 2021

JPS Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in Art Central, the first in-person art fair of 2021 in Hong Kong. The participation also marked one of our most significant art fair presentation to date, showcasing over 30 works by ten local and international contemporary artists. Occupying two sectors: Chung Dim - a central galleries booth, and Yi Tai - a solo presentation, JPS wishes to bring a diverse selection of works that explore the relationship between pop culture, street art and fine art.

The Chung Dim includes a gallery debut of Paul Hunter Speagle (USA), who takes the inspirations from life, love and religion. Okokume (Spain) has created a reflective and powerful painting Reijanah (2021), featuring her iconic character Cosmic Girl. On view will be an epic Goddess (2021) painting by Afa Annfa (HK), and her reimagined The Birth of Venus by Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli. From the studio of Chino Lam (HK) comes Time Traveler (2021), a key work from his iconic Sumerian series. To complete the presentation we will also feature recent works by b.wing (HK), Kila Cheung (HK), Cope2 (USA), August Vilella (Spain) and Yeung Hok Tak (HK). In Yi Tai, we present a large-scale installation of a hyper realistic life-size sculpture Falling Army Man Toy(2021) by London-based artist Michael John Hunter (UK), which challenges the limitation of physical property, visual effects and optical manipulations.

As a first-time participant at Art Central, the presentation is the embodiment of JPS’ identity and core mission - presenting a discerning selection of works dedicated to the digital age and making art accessible for all.

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