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United Kingdom | B.1985

Working across mediums and disciplines, Michael John Hunter questions real and imaginary, moral and ethical, perception and presumptions. Installing hyper-realistic sculptures in real-life locations, he challenges the absurdity of today’s value.

Best known for creating enormous highly detailed replicas of children’s toys and installing them in different scenes at night. He will then photograph them using his ‘fake macro photography’ technique, so the hand-sculpted enlarged objects will propel one to question how imagery can manipulate our view of the world.

His most recent works have taken a new direction, allowing him to reengage with one of the more traditional art practices, painting. The creative process of the works has been driven by the many obstacles of becoming a parent and trying to understand the changing landscape of fatherhood. He has begun producing large canvases inspired by his young daughter’s first drawings as she begins her own journey into art and life.

Hunter studied Fine Art Photography at The University of Edinburgh and now works within the film industry. The artist currently lives and works in London.