The More Things Change

20 Aug 2021


26 Sep 2021

I’ve always been fascinated with scale.

As a child, I had toys and model sets, playthings that mimicked a grown-up reality. For a child, this reality is full of fantasy and endless possibilities. The toys we held in our hands came to life. They illustrated our raw imagination, which supplied us with an outlet for exploring our creativity and ourselves.

As an adult, we perhaps lost a lot of this ability to access these long-lost childish cognitions. In a way, we lost our amazement or at least it became masked. This is where my work starts.

This exhibition features clear images of old, discarded toys. They lay untouched and abandoned as if a small child has discarded them.

Or are they?

I make huge, detailed sculptures of old toys and then photograph them in real locations, making final prints of the installations. The videos next to each image show the actual scale of my work and the process of setting up the sculptures for the final images.

Toys were the first sculptures that were introduced to us when we were little. It’s fascinating to re-examine the scale in this new way as an adult with the combination of large sculptures and photography. In many ways, the process and final results make me feel small again. The images excite me as if I were playing as a young child again.

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