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11 Sep 2020


4 Oct 2020

JPS Art Gallery is proud to celebrate the opening of the new space in LANDMARK with an inaugural exhibition, Here and Now, alongside with the grand opening of JPS Art Store. The exhibition marked an extremely exciting development for JPS and without a doubt, a significant milestone in our standing in the art world. The opening exhibition titled Here and Now is a statement showing the general public the mission and gallery. The exhibition title also echoes the mission of JPS: to foster a creative environment for a new generation of artists and collectors, presenting works of the here and now.

Opening on 11 September, Here and Now is an exhibition that encapsulates the style and characteristics of JPS and its artists. The exhibition opens with The Starry Night, 2020, by Spanish artist Okokume (Laura Mas). The work features Okokume’s signature character 2 Cosmic Girl. The pink-haired and turquoise skin spirit is created to raise the viewer's awareness and loving care towards our living home, earth, which is a theme that echoes in The Starry Night. The work is also a homage to Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting of the same name.

Two Hong Kong artists Chino Lam and Afa Annfa are respectively presenting works that explore the duality of fine art and popular culture. Lam’s work, Looking For Live Out There, 2020, is a continuation of his previous work where he explores the evolution of human civilisation. This work is driven by his latest fascination towards the outer space and conspiracy theories, exemplifying his profound belief in the connection between human and other non-human beings. Afa Annfa’s work, I Love Candies, 2020, brings the audience back on earth and shift our attention back to something that is much closer to our day to day lives— — our obsession with gaining information. We live in a digital age where latest news, videos and trends constantly bombard us. Many of us are lured by the infinite abundance ‘knowledge’ that automatically get delivered our electronic devices, just like how children see candies.

Much like the works of its artists, JPS is a gallery where they pay respect learn from the foregoer of art history, but at the same time develop a voice of their own, a voice of this era.

The move to LANDMARK also commends the opening of JPS Art Store. This is a new and exciting project that is very much in line with JPS gallery’s character and mission. While the Art Gallery is running as a traditional way for audience to enjoy art, JPS Art Store offers a more refreshing and fun approach for visitors to look at art. Every week, the Art Store would feature new works and products by JPS’ in-house artists, including editions, prints and books, enjoying a flexibility that a traditional art gallery would not have. The Art Store is also an attempt to introduce art in a more accessible way, introducing art into people’s everyday life, or even as an entry point for new collectors who wants to try a hand in the art world.

To celebrate its grand opening, JPS Art Store collaborates with three of the gallery artists and created LANDMARK exclusive works. Featuring Okokume’s first ever bronze sculpture, The Eyes of the Soul, with a total of three editions; Chino Lam’s signature Jiro sculpture with a total of 10 editions; and Kila Cheung’s signature Cheung’s Siu Ming vinyl figures with a total of 150 editions.

The opening group show, Here and Now, and opening week of JPS Art Store feature 19 contemporary Hong Kong and international artists. The presented works spans across different mediums and disciplines, but at the same time exemplify the gallery’s mission: an international gallery of the here and now.

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