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Hong Kong | B.1986

A painter and sculptor, Kila Cheung is one of the emerging stars of the local art scene. His unique artistic oeuvre manifested his value for childishness, curiosity, and the courage to think outside of the box and dream big.

In 2017, Kila started creating his acclaimed series of wooden sculptures when he left home for Japan to begin his internship. His colourful works are sentimental and reflective with a hint of youthful rebellion, finding resonance with young collectors across Asia.

Kila earned a degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was the winner of the esteemed Young Design Talent Award in 2016 and the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2019. Kila had also worked with numerous international brands to lend his artistic talents, including UNIQLO, IKEA, Kiehl’s, Cathay Pacific Airways and Prudential.