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Spain | B.1986

August Vilella is a self-taught painter who creates oil paintings that open dialogue with contemporary and classical art. Working in the Surrealist automatism method, he creates without any previous sketches or ideas. Each painting has a unique psychical opening and meaning that reflect the subconscious mind.

Using classical oil techniques, his works evoke a dream-like aura in a magical, metaphorical and philosophical language. The use of light and shadows and refined brushstrokes in his works recall works of the old masters, presenting an interesting juxtaposition with his cartoonish characters. Vilella’s characters often feature big stylised eyes, and through their insightful gaze, the audience is invited to engage with their deep emotions and explore them with quiet introspections.

Born in Barcelona in 1986, Vilella was the winner of numerous artist prizes including, Best Artist at the Tokyo International Art Fair in 2016; Best Innovative Art at The Global Art Awards of Dubai (UAE) in 2017; International Artist Grand Prize and Chairman ́s Award in the Art Revolution Taipei in 2018. His works are also featured in various media outlets, including Vice, Hi-Fructose and Beautiful Bizarre.