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Hong Kong | B.1972

Hong Kong artist b.wing’s visceral works are renowned for their intimate and frank portrayal of personal yet universally relevant experiences. Her reinventing approach to art and expansive visual practice encompasses painting, sculpture and hand stitching on canvas. Driven by the profound changes in her life in recent years, she began to further develop immersive installations involving ink calligraphy graffiti presented alongside her wistfully meditative works. Playing with the characters’ scale and composition, her childhood habit of scribbling on the school blackboard as a form of catharsis has now evolved into writing across exhibition walls in bold dripping ink, demonstrating a keen sense of graphical wordplay.

b.wing’s earliest channel of expression was her iconic character A-boy, who she created on a piece of toilet paper in 2006. The forever seven-year-old boy with a pair of rabbit ears and dark circles underneath his eyes was first created as a way for b.wing to escape reality and accompany her in times of loneliness. Since then, b.wing’s personal growth and artistic development are reflected in her portrayal of A-boy as she began to engage in more honest dialogues with herself through her emblematic character. b.wing’s newfound courage to face daunting realities and inner turmoil inspired her to draw more references to trials and tribulations from her own life without the companion of A-boy, like her emotive ink graffiti which speaks directly to the heart of many viewers.