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22 Dec 2023


21 Jan 2024

A room which resembles a day-dream, a room veritably intelligent,

in which the stagnant atmosphere is lightly tinted with rose and blue.

Here the soul bathes in laziness flavored with regret and desire -

there is something of the fall of days, blueish, roselike;

a dream of voluptuousness during an eclipse.

The Double Room by Charles Baudelaire

Baudelaire, C. (1926). The Double Room. (W. Evans, Trans.). Unpublished manuscript. Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A group of twelve Hong Kong artists, including Little Thunder, Afa Annfa, b.wing, Kwong Wing Kwan, Liu Tsz Ting Purple, Dallas Lee, Chan Stacey Lok Heng, Sammi Mak, Belinda HY Chan, Pui Yi Leung, Abby Yan Yee Lee, and Kaiaroonsuth Chonticha, present their works of landscapes, architecture, abstraction, and portraiture in an exhibition that invites viewers to embark on a daily journey from home to the street. Within the spaces depicted in their art, a sense of elegance is conveyed through solitude. This exhibition serves as the final installment of the "Solitude Trilogy" art project curated by Cyrus Lamprecht, which explores the influence of solitude and absurdist philosophy on modern society.

Throughout history, individuals have grappled with the struggle between exerting control and being subjected to control. The essence of life lies in finding a balance between these opposing forces. If humans were confined to self-contained spaces and spent their days moving between rooms with varying scenarios, could they break free from the constraints of solitude? In the absence of others, the potential for internal dialogue emerges.

The existence of humans can be likened to the elegant decorations found in a hallway. Each room holds memories that are occasionally revisited, while the corridor serves as a pathway for forgetting. The reason for remaining within the room is to avoid the prying gazes from the corridor. Individuals find both freedom and constraint within their thoughts. Solitude is often equated with loneliness, a misconception that can only be dispelled by individuals who have personally experienced the sensation of excitement. For those who have lived in solitude, loneliness becomes as commonplace as breathing.

Human beings have always possessed a rebellious spirit, and perhaps the purpose of life is to rebel. In a solitary space, art becomes an elegant form of resistance. On the silent, empty canvas, chaotic strokes that capture the essence of life are left behind. The purest form of hope emerges from despair. People smile and allow pain to become the rhythm of their breath.

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