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Hong Kong | B.1988

Kwong Wing Kwan lives and works in Hong Kong. Kwong received her BA in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012. Integrating with Kwong's feelings of disturbance, fear, and the transience of life, her visceral works compress layers of objects and scenery imbued with narratives. These works can be seen as projections of her psyche. Continuing the series "Good Morning, Sweet Dreams," in which Kwong portrays contrasting themes of tenderness and violence, familiarity and distance between the interior and exterior, her recent works accentuate sceneries oscillating between day and night, in exploration of the concept of “home” and ones’ infatuation towards it.

Since 2021, some of Kwong's friends and relatives have been relocating from their "homes" for various reasons. The familiar landscapes that were once intertwined with their surroundings now encompass not only the enchanting glimmers of domestic lighting but also images of decay and captivating glamour that continuously revitalise the city. Despite being at home, the feeling of homesickness persists.

Kwong has participated in multiple exhibitions, including solo exhibitions titled “Good morning, sweet dreams. - Midnight Sun” (cadet capela, Paris, 2023), “Good morning, sweet dreams.” (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2021), "Suspending World" (Artify Gallery, Hong Kong, 2014), "Clear-air Turbulence" (Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong, 2013). Group exhibitions include "Art NOW 9th Edition" (Monnaie de Paris, Paris, 2023), "Taxonomies of Imagination" (Make Room, Los Angeles, 2022), "Art Basel Hong Kong" (Hong Kong, 2021-2023), "Grotto 20th Anniversary" (Grotto, Hong Kong, 2021), "In/outward" (Link Gallery, Beijing, 2017), "ART MO International Art Fair" (The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, Macau, 2014), and "Art Nova 100" (Touring exhibition sites, China, 2014).