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I promise you a happy ending

20 Nov 2023


26 Nov 2023

This presentation provides a unique opportunity for the audience to journey through space and time and relive their childhood memories with b.wing. The exhibition space will showcase a range of different scenes and memories from b.wing’s childhood. Hong Kong’s local art and cultural elements will be carefully integrated within the artworks and the curation of the space to further foster a dialogue between Hong Kongers and foreigners of different ages and generations.

As a child, b.wing was always forgotten to be picked up from school. When no one was around, she would start scribbling on the school blackboard. In doing so, her long-suppressed emotions found their release and scribbling became a habit of hers whenever she was alone. This childhood habit has now evolved into her unique style of dripping ink writings showcased in her shows.

Hanging on a wall painted with large characters is a school uniform dyed in the colour of a prisoner’s uniform. The repetitive and strict rules she had to follow daily made her feel as though all she had learned in the classroom over the years was how to face all kinds of loneliness.

On the central wall of the exhibition is a giant eye painted by b.wing. When she was young, she used to hide in the closet and watch her family go about their day through the narrow gap in the door. Those same eyes continue to linger in the darkness, spying on this world, spying on others and spying on oneself.

These distant and untouchable memories have transformed into an unexpected trial and cultivation, which enabled her to become more imaginative and appreciative. She can find endless joy and pleasure even in the most insignificant things and the scarcest resources. Like the giant kid chair placed at the centre of the exhibition, though riddled with holes, it still presents itself in the strongest and most magnificent posture, welcoming the remaining years of its life with a powerful stance.

Drawing and graffiti are ways for b.wing to be in touch with her emotions, and creating allows her to continue this journey bravely. The earth-shaking changes in life, perception, and emotion in the past few years have made her examine the place she is in, reflect on her own identity, values, and mixed feelings about the city she was born in.


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Booth G9, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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