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9 Oct 2023


6 Nov 2023

Hola Barna! JPS Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our first permanent gallery space in the vibrant city of Barcelona, opening on 6 October 2023 and the launch of our artist residency program. Nestled within the heart of this cultural hub rich with artistic and architectural heritage, JPS Gallery Barcelona will comprise a meticulously crafted exhibition space and a world-class studio facility.

The brand-new space and artist residency program is designed to offer unparalleled support to artists of all disciplines and nationalities, providing them with exceptional studio facilities and a creative community that will enable them to cultivate their artistic practices whilst establishing a strong professional network. The residency program is an excellent opportunity for artists looking to expand their horizons and gain new perspectives on their work while immersing themselves in a city known for its artistic vitality and supreme exhibits.

To celebrate the inauguration of JPS Gallery Barcelona, we are proud to present a groundbreaking group exhibition showcasing a stunning series of works by globally renowned artists, Afa Annfa, Arisa Nakahara, Barminski, Cynthia Mak, feebee, Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009, Lokz Phoenix, MOMO YAMA, Okokume, Okrabelo, Paul Hunter Speagle, Peep, Prodip, Ricko Leung, Shigeki Matsuyama, Shoko Mihira, T9G, Tse Yim On and Wilson Shieh. The Hola Barna exhibition brings together a culturally diverse group of artists working with various mediums, scales and concepts, showcasing the true essence of contemporary art as well as highlighting its importance in promoting cross-cultural understanding and artistic innovation.

With our new permanent gallery space and artist residency program, we are committed to opening up new avenues of creative exploration and actively promoting outstanding contemporary artists to enrich further the interconnection between cultures, temporalities and artistic expressions.

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