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Hong Kong | B.1993

Kazy Chan is a Hong Kong artist whose delicate and brightly coloured painting style reflects the influence of the Superflat art movement and his love for Japanese manga since childhood. Painting in soft and blurred brushstrokes, his work revolves around young children undergoing the metamorphosis of growth as they explore different sides of their inner story and imagination of the future. His whimsical works featuring unique characters living in brightly coloured imaginary scenes lure viewers into Kazy’s fantastical world, where they will uncover the absurdity and sadness hidden within upon deeper examination.

After graduating from the Design Studies programme at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, he worked in the advertising industry for several years before leaving his position to be an artist. Since then, he has held solo exhibitions throughout his artistic career and participated in multiple group exhibitions across Asia. In September 2021, he held an interactive exhibition in Harbour City titled Tomato Sauce, featuring a series of canvas paintings and sculptures conveying shared societal misunderstandings. Kazy currently works and lives in Hong Kong.