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Hong Kong | B.1993

Kazy Chan is an emerging Hong Kong artist who has carved out a niche within the contemporary art landscape. Recognised for his innovative paintings and evocative ceramics, Kazy's artistic journey is characterised by a relentless pursuit of reinvention and experimentation with diverse forms of creative expression. This approach has led him to present a captivating series of works that seamlessly fuse various mediums, one of which involves incorporating his ceramic sculptures into the very fabric of his canvas creations.

Kazy's dry brush painting technique on a heavily textured surface breathes life into his whimsical works, where unique figures come to exist within brightly coloured imaginary settings. As spectators are immersed in Kazy's fantastical realm, they find themselves in a space that serves as a sanctuary for introspection, allowing for quiet contemplation of the captivating narratives woven into his art. Through his painterly methods, Kazy aims to evoke vibrancy and tranquillity, mirroring the diverse hues and textures inherent in the natural world. The gradual unveiling of each layer of colour initiates a dynamic interplay of revelation and concealment, fostering the exploration of universal concepts and emotions.

Kazy's artistic odyssey began with completing the Design Studies program at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Following a fulfilling tenure in the advertising industry, Kazy embarked on a new chapter dedicated to his artistic endeavours. Since this pivotal transition, Kazy's recent solo exhibition, The Twist Of A Halo, at JPS Gallery in 2024, along with his participation in esteemed group shows held locally and internationally, have garnered widespread acclaim. The central theme of Kazy's works is to inspire creativity and cultivate an enriched understanding of the world through his unparalleled artistic perspective.