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The Twist of a Halo

19 Jul 2024


18 Aug 2024

A halo, a symbol of holiness, traditionally depicted as a circular or arched manifestation of light encircling the head of a revered figure, takes on a fresh representation in Hong Kong artist Kazy Chan’s upcoming solo exhibition, The Twist of a Halo. By challenging the fixed preconceptions that often stifle our creativity and understanding, Kazy distorts and reimagines this ethereal symbol through various mediums in hopes that viewers can reflect on the ever-changing nature of their perceptions and knowledge of the world.

As depicted by a myriad of artists, halos are products of imagination, and their true form remains unknown, allowing for endless interpretations ranging from a simple representation of radiance in the form of a circle to evolving into a symbol of the Trinity in the shape of a cross. All of the halos in Kazy’s works exhibit the artist’s unrestricted flow and adhere to spontaneity. This creative motion holds significant importance to him as only until the beams of light converge and close into a ring can the ultimate form be ascertained. It is precisely because of its boundless potential that the halo remains malleable, welcoming constant exploration and deliberate distortions.

This exhibition will showcase a diverse range of Kazy’s works, including his largest ceramic sculptures to date, never-seen-before paintings on wood in halo-shaped frames, and his innovative ceramic-on-canvas pieces. In recent years, Kazy has been challenging the limitations imposed on artistic expression by integrating his ceramic sculptures onto the canvas of his paintings. This exhibition offers viewers the chance to experience a wide variety of art forms, each contributing to Kazy’s passionate pursuit of questioning the boundaries we impose on ourselves and the unique responses each medium evokes.

Some of the standout pieces of this exhibition are his ceramic works that will take on a more conceptual tone by focusing on the meaning behind the halo rather than its physical representation. Taking everyday objects where many of us have already established impressions deeply ingrained in our minds, the ceramic sculpture titled The Chair takes the shape of a well-proportioned chair that many would instantly identify as a comfortable place to sit. Only for viewers to find a halo commonly seen hovering weightlessly over figures now lies draped over the chair like a disregarded object that has fallen from grace, carrying an overwhelming sense of heaviness uncommonly associated with the iconography. Kazy’s portrayal of the halo and objects we are already familiar with will only become increasingly elusive throughout the exhibition.

With curiously shaped doorways leading viewers from one room to another, the exhibition space will be illuminated by specially designed halo-inspired lighting effects. Visitors are encouraged to explore the endlessly distorted world through the endlessly distorted halo, where everything that has been established is open to questioning and reshaping. Reminiscent of a melodic musical composition where each piece contributes to a harmonious whole, The Twist of a Halo by Kazy Chan aims to bring us closer to our most authentic inner selves at every turn.


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